In these changing times, we thought now was the time to remind you that you can rely on and trust KM Media Group.

We’re independent and we believe our purpose is to help make Kent and Medway a better place to live and work.

We can trace our origins in Kent back for 300 years. We have continually changed in this time and we are now South East England’s largest independent multimedia and marketing business.

Our editorial staff operate independently and we aim to ensure that everything we do is balanced, neutral and representative.

We are one of the county’s largest employers and our editorial team is as big as the rest of the media industry in Kent added together.

We believe in giving the people of Kent a voice.

We try to reflect on every aspect of life in Kent.

We employ reporters to ensure that we are covering every aspect of local politics, planning and the criminal justice system. Everything we do is produced in Kent - and most of our teams live here.

Our kmfm radio network is produced entirely in Kent and we make sure that everything we do resonates and reflects life in Kent - including having our news and traffic information the best it can be.

KM Media Group has the county’s largest digital presence. Our network of 15 websites deliver rapidly growing audiences - this month we have had over 2.5 million unique browsers to our sites, we have over 300,000 facebook, twitter and instagram followers. We pride ourselves on making sure that everything we do is checked, verified and true.

Our commercial team has and continues to help thousands of businesses across the county grow their businesses and spend time ensuring that we offer the best value and service across our newspapers, radio and digital portfolio.

All of our audiences figures are transparent and we are members of every relevant trade organisation.

In the last year we’ve been trusted by over 50 businesses to build and manage their websites and increasingly we help on areas such as SEO, social media management and advertising elsewhere.

In a time of fake news and lack of accountability, at a time when things are uncertain, you can trust and rely on KM Media Group.

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